Trial Xtreme 4: extreme bike racing champions review

Trial Xtreme 4: extreme bike racing champions

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Trial Xtreme 4: extreme bike racing champions Trial Xtreme 4: extreme bike racing champions

Trial Xtreme 4 stands as the newest entry in the well-received Trial Xtreme series of motorcycle racing adventures, crafted and launched by Deemedya. TThe series' fourth installment returns players to the exhilarating realm of motorcycle racing, featuring improved 3D graphics, high-octane gameplay, and a wide selection of modes to keep the thrill going endlessly.

Available on mobile platforms, Trial Xtreme 4 plunges players into over 100 challenging levels. Participants must maneuver through an array of challenges, such as inclines, leaps, and deep holes, all in a tight race against time to reach the end point.

Gameplay Overview

With an array of gameplay modes, Trial Xtreme 4 remains engaging. The core of the game, Career mode, presents diverse challenges ranging from time-sensitive track completions to crash-free runs. An exciting addition is the multiplayer mode, enabling head-to-head competition with players across the globe. Moreover, the Time Trial mode pushes players to beat the clock, while bike upgrades become available as one advances through the game.

Trial Xtreme 4 maintains its series' hallmark gameplay, requiring players to adeptly maneuver through levels laden with obstacles, all while racing against time. The game features a selection of bikes, each boasting unique specifications, enhancing the gameplay diversity.

Visuals and Performance

Trial Xtreme 4 stands out for its impressive 3D graphics that vividly bring to life the tracks, bikers, and racing surroundings.Optimized for both iPhone and iPad, the game ensures a fluid performance across devices, maintaining a consistent frame rate for a seamless racing experience.


Control in Trial Xtreme 4 is intuitive, employing the device's accelerometer for steering and on-screen buttons for acceleration and braking. This design ensures controls are both responsive and easy to master, allowing players to fully immerse in the game's challenges without a steep learning curve.

Replay Value

The game excels in replayability, attributed to its diverse gameplay modes. The Career mode alone provides substantial content, while the addition of the multiplayer and Time Trial modes further extends its lifespan. Leaderboards and various challenges also encourage players to return, either to best their scores or to climb the rankings amongst their peers.

Bottom Line

In summary, Trial Xtreme 4 is an exhilarating motorcycle racing game that successfully builds upon its predecessors with engaging gameplay, visually appealing graphics, and replayability. Its user-friendly controls make it a superior option for beginners and seasoned players alike. Whether you're navigating through its challenging levels, competing online, or striving for leaderboard dominance, Trial Xtreme 4 offers a rich racing experience for mobile gamers.


  • The game is free to play
  • The graphics are beautiful
  • Many different levels to choose from
  • The controls are very tight and responsive
  • The game is very challenging and will keep you coming back for more


  • The game can be a bit too challenging at times

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