Candy Crush Saga review

Candy Crush Saga

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Candy Crush Saga provides a captivating puzzle adventure, challenging players to align and eliminate identical colored candies from the board. Achieving a combination of five candies grants the player a "Candy Bomb", while connecting six candies awards a "Candy Wizard". These special candies are instrumental in clearing the board more efficiently. Designed by King, this engaging match-three puzzle game grips players with its simple gameplay mechanics, where progression is achieved by aligning three or more matching candies.It's praised for its ease of play and compatibility with various devices.

Gameplay Mechanics

To conquer each level, players must clear all candies within a predetermined number of moves. Players can swap adjacent candies, creating matches to eliminate them. Unused moves allow continued play until no candies remain. However, depleting all moves ends the game for that level, requiring a restart. This match-three puzzle format is known for its simplicity, offering a candy-themed board for matching. The objective is to amass points and advance through levels, with power-ups available for strategic advantages, such as candy removal and extra moves.

Visuals and Sound

Candy Crush Saga's visual design is filled with an abundance of vivid, eye-catching candies, enabling players to easily differentiate colors on the board. With straightforward and appealing graphics, combined with minimal sound effects, the game's presentation is both inviting and unobtrusive to the gameplay experience. 

Replay Value

Candy Crush Saga is designed for repetitive play, either solo or with friends, and does not require Facebook connectivity. The continuous unveiling of new levels and the quest for higher scores maintain the game's excitement and appeal, providing a feeling of accomplishment after each level is conquered.

Final Thoughts

Candy Crush Saga appeals to a wide audience with its easy-to-use gameplay and attractive design. It's a game that combines fun and challenge, rewarding players with a feeling of satisfaction upon level completion. Available for free in both stores, it's accessible to anyone looking for an entertaining puzzle experience.


  • It is a fun and challenging game to play
  • It is easy to play
  • It is easy to connect with Facebook
  • The graphics are great
  • It is a game for all ages
  • It is a nice way to play with friends


  • It is a game with a lot of time pressure
  • It is not possible to play the game offline
  • It is not possible to create your own level
  • It is not possible to play the game in different levels of difficulty


Candy Crush Saga Candy Crush Saga

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