Monster Truck Go - Racing Simulator Games for kids review

Monster Truck Go - Racing Simulator Games for kids

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Monster Truck Go - Racing Simulator Games for kids Monster Truck Go - Racing Simulator Games for kids

Monster Truck Go - Racing Simulator Games for Kids, crafted and distributed by Yateland - Learning Games For Kids, offers young players the thrilling experience of maneuvering a monster truck. Targeted at a youthful audience of 3 to 8 years old, this engaging video game is tailored for Android platforms.

In Monster Truck Go, players are charged with guiding their monster truck to victory by skillfully steering the vehicle using the device's tilt control. The challenge lies in speeding to the finish line while dodging obstructions like rival monster trucks, vehicles, and rocks.

Featuring a third-person gameplay perspective, Monster Truck Go emphasizes navigating through races with the aim of crossing the finish line ahead of the competition. Players leverage the device's accelerometer for dynamic control over their truck in races. The game unfolds across three progressively challenging tracks set within diverse environments including cities, deserts, mountains, and forests. Players can engage in various game modes such as single race, time trial, multiplayer, and championship, enhancing the gaming experience.

Graphically, the game boasts vibrant, cartoonish visuals with highly animated, oversized monster trucks and meticulously crafted tracks across differing landscapes. Despite its straightforward nature, the graphic design skillfully engulfs players in its enjoyable world, working flawlessly on various devices.

Control-wise, Monster Truck Go prides itself on its user-friendly interface, allowing players to steer their monster truck effortlessly by tilting their device. Additional gameplay options include using touchscreen controls to navigate, accelerate, brake, and employ boosts, all of which respond precisely to player inputs.

The game’s high replayability factor comes from the pursuit of surpassing previous records, competing against friends' times, and exploring all difficulty levels and game modes. Each monster truck possesses distinct capabilities, encouraging players to experiment with different vehicles for varied gameplay experiences.

In conclusion, Monster Truck Go - Racing Simulator Games for Kids emerges as a captivating and engaging game perfect for kids aged 3 to 8. Its mix of straightforward controls, vibrant visuals, and varied gameplay opportunities renders it a perfect selection for young gamers in search of thrill and challenge. With its wide variety of trucks and engaging game modes, this racing game ensures long-lasting enjoyment and is a perfect digital activity for children seeking fun.


  • The game is free to play
  • Can customize your truck
  • Can race other players online
  • Tracks are varied and interesting
  • Many different trucks to choose from
  • Can play with friends in multiplayer mode


  • It's a bit repetitive

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