Homescapes review


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Homescapes Homescapes

Homescapes can be accessed on both iOS platforms and Android platforms, offering players an immersive experience of rejuvenating a house by solving numerous puzzles. This game is a part of a successful series developed by Playrix.

Gameplay Overview

Players dive into the role of a renovator, faced with the task of refurbishing a home. Success hinges on strategically solving puzzles to progress. A budget is allocated for purchasing and upgrading necessary household items, urging players to make wise choices to ensure the home's transformation.


Despite its simplicity, Homescapes boasts appealing graphics that enhance the gaming experience. Homescapes features a user-friendly interface, thanks to its straightforward and easy-to-navigate design.

Replay Value

Homescapes typically offer a one-time playthrough experience, as the drive to replay diminishes after completing the game. Introducing new content and levels could significantly boost its replayability.

Final Thoughts

Homescapes delivers a rewarding experience, especially for those who enjoy puzzle-oriented gameplay. Its user-friendly nature attracts a broad audience. It comes highly recommended for puzzle aficionados and gamers looking for an accessible and enjoyable title


  • The game is very simple to use
  • The game is easy to finish
  • The player is given a budget to buy items
  • The player can share their progress on social media
  • The game has a good design
  • The game is very satisfying to play


  • The game is not very replayable
  • The player is not given many options to choose from
  • The game is just a puzzle game and may not appeal to everyone

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