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The game Gardenscapes is a fun, addicting game offered by Big Fish Games. Gardenscapes is a game in which the user has to fix up the garden and lawn in order to get their inheritance. The game is an addicting time passer with the player's goal to beat the game by fixing up the garden and lawn.


The gameplay consists of the user being given a list of tasks to complete in order to beat the level. These tasks can range from getting an item from the ground to planting a certain number of trees. The player is given a certain amount of moves to complete the task. The player can complete the task by either clicking on the desired item on the list or by clicking on the desired area on the screen.


The graphics are cartoon-like and colorful. The game is much more aesthetically pleasing than others in the same genre. The graphics are not great, but they are good enough to make the game enjoyable.


The game is replayable because the player can start again if they want to. The player can also spend their coins to buy more plants and other items to help them complete the tasks.


This game is fun and enjoyable and can be played by people of all ages. The game is easy to understand and can be picked up quickly. The puzzles are not too hard, but not too easy, so that the player can beat it. This game is addicting and can keep the player's attention when it is needed.


  • The game is addicting and can keep the player's attention when it is needed
  • Is easy to understand and can be picked up quickly
  • Is enjoyable and can be played without any stress
  • The game is bright and colorful
  • Is not too hard, but not too easy
  • The game is good for adults and children
  • The game is a great time passer


  • Is not challenging
  • Is not realistic
  • The graphics are just not good enough


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