Microsoft Acknowledges That Windows Is The Vulnerable Element In Asus ROG And Lenovo Legion GO

  • 15-02-2024 |
  • James Robertson

Multiple sources that are generally reliable have been circulating speculations about Microsoft developing a handheld Xbox console. Adding to the buzz, Phil Spencer, the head honcho of Xbox, stirred the pot by enthusiastically liking several social media discussions regarding a potential portable Xbox. But is there any truth to these conjectures?

During a substantial discussion with The Verge, Spencer expressed his enthusiasm for handheld gaming, chuckling as he said, "I'm a big fan of handhelds. I'm a big fan, but nothing to announce."

Nonetheless, Spencer did acknowledge that there are challenges associated with Windows on devices such as the Asus ROG and Lenovo Legion Go, which are designed for portable gaming. He noted that the operating system's interface and controller-input compatibility on smaller screens are notable issues. To enhance the user experience for handheld gaming PCs, Spencer revealed that the Xbox division is actively collaborating with the team behind Windows:

"One of the weak points in the experience on a ROG or the Lenovo [Legion Go] is Windows. How Windows works on controller input only on that kind of DPI, on a smaller eight- or seven-inch screen. That's a real design point that our platform team is working with Windows to make sure that the experience is even better."

Although there's no explicit confirmation of Microsoft releasing a handheld Xbox platform, it's clear that the company is devoting resources to refining Windows for portable gaming applications. Coupled with Spencer being notably keen on the concept, the flurry of rumors, his conspicuous social media engagements, and the announcement of upcoming Xbox hardware, these developments offer more substantive hints than speculative leaks from dubious insiders.